Monday, September 20, 2010

Lynette's words about Bridge To Teribithia

This book is a very different and more detailed then the movie. So far Im up to the the part when its after Christmas and Leslie and her dad are trying to repair the old house while Leslie's mum was working on writing a book. Leslie always helps her dad whenever she comes home and her dad does like her company. So Jess goes to Teribithia alone but he needed Leslie to make the magic worked. I think that this book is really different to the movie and is really imaginative.
"Have any of the characters changed in the story?" Yes Jess has changed.
"What caused him to change?" Well when Leslie has arrived he feels more imaginative and more free to do things.

By Lynette

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  1. Which are you finding more enjoyable at the moment, the book or the movie? Why?
    Mrs van Gils