Monday, May 31, 2010

Learning how to blog

Today it is the Wekas turn to learn how to add to our classroom blog. We are learning what types of things we can blog about such as, our learning in the classroom, trips we have been on, we can write specifically about reading tasks if we want to or about books we can read. There are many other things we can also blog about if we want to. But we must always remember never to include our last names.

We need to tag blog posts with our name and the subject of our blog e.g this one will be tagged reading and wekas.

After lunch today you will be able to check out a new blog post from each of us. We will do it during our SSR time.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

going to the stardome

On the 27th of may we went to the star dome and the people at star dome told us about space and showed us a few moives about space the first one we saw was in a dome and everything looked 3d, the first part was inside the body when the space ship take off.It was cool when we saw people working on the hubble telescope it felt like we were floating.They showed us the dangers in space but it was in cartoons so we did not get scared.After the moive our shirts were light blue.

THE 13th FLOOR !!!

I haven't read most of this book but I have read enough to know what the book is about. So this book is about a girl ( Abby ) and a boy ( Todd ) they live in a hotel but the hotel doesn't have a 13th floor but Todd and Abby still believe that theres a 13th floor so they go in the lift and go from 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8, 9, 10 , 11 , 12, 14 but the lift goes slow when it gets in between 12 and 14 so there must be a 13th floor but theres only one way at only one time at midnight when theres a rocking horse moon. Who knows if they'll ever get out of the 13th floor.

The movie

On Friday 28th of may 2010 after school Val (my nana ) and me ( Chloe ) where going to get a movie and my dad was making snacks for us. So when we got home we got home we could eat them it was yummy yummy yummy . The movie was cool.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Writing an Alien Description!

For the past few days we've been writing some interesting description about aliens!
First we draw a picture of our own alien.
Second thing we do is write a character web,
which is listing down the behaviour, looks like, personality, person connections and speech
(how they talk). We use these to help us make ideas for our character description.
Next thing we do is use the character web to write a make a character description of our alien.
Our paragraphs go like this:
Physical appearance(looks like)
Personal Connection

When we finished all of that we show our teacher and then type it in the computer, using Pages.
After that we print it out and look through the whole description to look for any mistakes. We also put in some new words like adjectives, which is a word that describes another word.
Last but not least we show our teacher again, type the edited description on Pages and print it out. Thats how we make an alien description.
By Lynette

Our Trip to Stardome!!!!!!!

On the 24 of May, the Huia pod went on a field trip to the Stardome at One Tree Hill.
We first went on the bus and about 30 minutes later, we were at Stardome. We first had a play on the playground and then we were allowed to go inside. We then put our bags in the closet then we went to the movie room. It was spread all across the top of dome and when we started watching the show, it felt like we were actually doing it and some of us actually felt a bit dizzy watching it. Then after the show, we were shown the night sky and how it would look like if there were no clouds. Then we were shown things like particular stars that are actually planets. Constellations, dangers in space etc. After that, we went to explore the foyer and displays. They had things like planets and rocks etc. Then we went into a room which had a projector, a screen, models of planets etc. We then were asking questions, watching shows, and showing what we thought how far the planets were. Then we went outside to eat lunch and after that we had a little play on the playground. Then we went back to school. It was an awesome day. The thing I liked the most was the movie dome because of the movie. That was really cool.

By Andrea, Room 16

stars at star dome

Stars at star dome

When you go to star dome they will show you what I saw they will show you how to spot stars and how the ancestors saw the stars. I was going to star dome on Monday the 24th of may 2010 it was a little bit rainy but not to bat at morning we were playing on the playground there was a beautiful big toy train you could play on it if you wanted to. It was rainy in the afternoon. I got thought a lot you could to.

Stars and Planets at Stardome

On Monday the 24 of May 2010 Huia went to Stardome! It was awesome we learned lots of amazing things there, like constellations, dangers in space and heaps more! But I thought the best thing at Stardome was the huge movie dome where we watched a movie on the ceiling about the stars and astronauts. The movie started with a roller coaster ride down an astronauts body during a spaceship launch! The most amazing thing about it was that we felt like we were on a real roller coaster! We also learnt about the tests the astronauts had to do before they were allowed to travel to space, then we looked at a few dangers and constellations in space.
When we had to go back to school I had to agree that it was the best day ever! By Sharon


Whoosh "Oh no, oh no, aaahhh!".... ba boom, ba boom, ba boom.... shhhhhhh"yahhhhh" This is what it feels like to be a blood cell zipping through an astronauts body during take off! It isn't very fun at all. I was looking up at a giant dome screen experiencing the inside of an astronauts body... Ew! I watched a weird movie called astronaut it showed all of the steps of becoming an astronaut and exploring space. Bailey got scared and hugged williams arm, only for a laugh he wasn't really scared. It was not as good as I thaught it would be but I still had fun.

Smiley Watt

On my first day ever at work I walked through the doors and saw who is now my best friend.

Her name is Smiley Watt. She is truly always smiley and has chocolate coloured hair. Smiley is very good looking for a 37 year old mother of six.

I remember the first time I went round to Smiley's and found out she had six pretty and handsome kids named Leila(14), Jay(12), max(10),Alex(8) and the two six year old twins Loren and Jenny.

I'm guessing you want to know where we work. Okay I'll tell you. We work in London, England at the best branch of Smileys The best fashion designing country in the world! Although we live in England Smiley has a really strong american accent.(Because obviously she grew up there.) I get really jealous when I see Smiley and her husband Rob together because Rob is one of the most famous actors of all time!

Me and Smiley have lots of things in common. We both love fabric and jewllewry, hate cabbage, love cupcakes and hate people disaproving our clothes.

The thing I love most about Smiley is that she has a chirpy personality and always looks on the brighter side of things. One day I was talking to Alex and she said "Smiley is the best mummy in the world"!


On the 24th of may we went to the Stardome. For some of us it was our fist trip to the Stardome. Before we entered the Stardome we played in the playground. after a while we entered the Stardome. We were all surprised when we went inside. After we put our bags away we went into a room and watched a movie on the ceiling and it was almost like the movie was 3d!
Next we watched another movie which was more about astronauts and in part of this movie there were 2 astronaut that was singing on the moon, and he dropped his tool and when he tried to pick it up but he fall over and couldn't get up.

Soon It was time to eat lunch we ate at the playground and played for a little while and then it was time to leave.

Trip to Stardome

On the 24Th of may Room 14 & 16 went to Stardome
for a trip to learn about our topic . We went into a dome shape room with the most comfortable seats they were like lazy boys. Daniel and I thought Mrs Van gills was sleeping on the chair but she just closed her eyes . We watched an Astronaut movie about what is happening in the astronauts body when a rocket is taking off and what are the dangers in space on the dome roof. At one part we thought the room was moving but the screen was moving. We even thought that the movie was 3D but it was flat on the roof.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


every year all the year 5 and 6s write a speeches about something and a certain amount go into the finals and my class has held the win so far.

a day in room 16.

You can get a little scared going in a new classroom but if you come into room 16 when the bell rings you snap into place when we do the first activity most of the time its reading or maths but it is fun because your in a group with other year 5 and 6s. When its the end of the day you just don't want to go home!

Basket ball inter term.

its coming fast people have signed up I did it last year but not this year its in massy close to the libary they have it there and its free too! its fun and they do it once a year.

fun math for every one!

Today at maths most of us got to do theme park math,It was fun because you got 500,000 dollars to spend on a theme park but you still have to have some money left or you can't open it for the day and later on there comes more things to buy like a swimming pool,sweet shop,theater,hotel,playground and more its so fun you forget that its math!

Going to Australia

The day before my cousin Megan,my mum Lynnette and me Chloe where going to Australia when i had to go to bed i was so exited but finally i did.When i got up i was so tide but i got dressed and we went.When we where at the airport we did the thing we needed to.At Australia we went to chocolate by the bold man and had a chocolate pizza.When it was time to go we went and it was sad to leave.


On Monday the 24th of May my class room and I will go to Stardome to learn about space because this term our topic is about space.

I can't wait to go to Stardome because it is going to be my first time to go to Stardome.

buddy reading with room 15

every now and then we do buddy reading with room 15 and it is realy fun because we get to choose our buddies and my friend Cameron and i always choose beau the end

Life Education

It was the first time I went Life Education. Neha said that it would be really fun. As our class lined up to go we were all very,very,very excited

As we went, the door of the cabin opened and we went in. We all enjoyed it very much. I really enjoyed it.I went with my class and Miss Mead.We really loved.We also played lots of games about the heart.We also got a chance to see and help Harold. I really wish I could go again because I really like to learn about the body.


on Saturday the fifteenth of May I went to netball like every other saturday but this wasn't just a saturday to me, Maria Tutia came to my netball game! For those of you who don't know who Maria is she is a famous netball prayer she is in the silver ferns and the LG Mystics! I didn't know that she was watching till my friend Grace told me, we lost against Curry Land there so good that they have there own jackets, its so hard playing WD angst them you have to keep running up and down and up and down but it all payed off when it started raining but then it started raining harder and harder and then getting colder and colder and then the game was over it was fun and sad.