Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Blind Clap" Math Game - Cool New Maths Game!

Before the game starts the teacher(leader) has to choose either a Multiplication, Addition or Subtraction for the question. Everyone gets in a circle and have their eyes closed, the teacher(leader) has to secretly tap two people to have their eyes open(You tap the first person once and the second person twice). These people are going to be clappers of the numbers. For example the first person claps three times and they have to say "done" then the second person claps there number. These numbers are the multiplied, added or subtracted. Once both people finish clapping the rest of the people who have their eyes close shouts out the answer or place hands on their head. The first person who gets the question right they get to choose the next two people who clap.
We played this game with our class and everyone got confused at first but then we got the hang of it. We later got separated into groups of four and then the room was filled with clapping hands. We hope everyone who tries this game will enjoy it and help you learn your listening skills and your maths.
I interviewed of few people and asked "What would you rate this game out of 10?"
They replied "8 1/2" "9/10" "7/10"
By Lynette