Monday, September 20, 2010

Bridge To Terabithia (cameron)

Bridge To Terabithia, a magical, imaginative adventure that gives you a whole new perspective on the out doors and what you could make of it. In this book a boy called Jesse (Jess) finds a new friend called Leslie, a girl with a big imagination and a very different life, who is the founder and ruler of "Terabithia", a ruler as well as Jesse of course. In this gripping novel there is a new girl called Leslie at school and she is always bullied and Jess feels sorry for her, she is also Jesse's neighbour and one day after school they both go into the forest out the back of Leslie's house and name it Terabithia. I give it a eight out of ten because in some parts you don't know whats going on. It is still a good book and follows the movie very well unlike some books.


  1. sounds like a good book hope you liked it =]

  2. This is very well written Cameron. I find it interesting that you gave it 8/10 so far. Are you finding it a little more enjoyable to read now that you are in to it, as you didn't really want to read it in the beginning?
    Mrs van Gils