Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My best trip to the beach

I just got out of bed and realised that it was New Year. I got ready my dad told me that we were going to the beach with Astha and her family. I wasn’t that excited because last time we went to the beach it was freezing. I started to pack. I packed a pair of googles and a boogey board to ride the waves. The beaches name was Muriwai. It was my second time I was going to Muriwai beach the only diffrence was that this time we were going to swim.

An hour after we left we reached the beach. I hopped out of our blue car and ran to the sand it didn’t take me long to realise that this wasn’t normal sand it was hot burning sand I ran to the water to cool feet down.My dad told my sister, Kriti and me we were only allowed to get our feet wet for now and we would swimming later. He didn’t want us to get cold.

Later Kriti and I really wanted to go in the water I started to beg my father he said “yes”. Kriti and me were really excited we started to jump up and down.”But”! “We have to have lunch first” said dad. That made us sad because we weren’t the type of people that liked waiting all the time.

My father started to look for a place to eat. When he had found a spot I got embarrassed because it was under a bunch of trees and worst of all it was in the car park another thing it made me feel was scared because what if a bug crawls into my food just before I take a bite! When my mum took out the baked potatoes I forgot about everything I had said in in my head because I had always loved baked potatoes because it had a delicious cheesy taste to it .

After lunch it was time to play in the water. I quickly changed into my swimming suit. I grabbed the boogey board that I had packed and ran past the hot sand and into the water to surf the waves.The first one I surfed was boring but when I got to my 3rd turn the wave took me all the way back to the sand And the cool thing was that it was my fist time boogey boarding!

A couple of hours later, I got cold. I went to my parents and buried myself to keep warm. My sister found two perfect shells. I was starting to get bored. I had hardly anything to do. I was too cold to make a sand castle and far to cold to go back to the water. I was super, duper bored.

One hour before we left, we were given a free ice-block it was tropical flavour and we got a picture taken with us enjoying our ice-blocks. When it was time to leave,I was sad. I got into the car and thought about all the fun we had.

By:Neha Chetty

Awesome Term 1

Term 1 has been a wonderful experience! From camp to learning sketching skills and to learning all about statistics. Camp was great! The food was great , the activities were great and we got to stay there for 5 whole days! After coming back from camp we started learning about sketching skills, then we used the skills to sketch our beautiful smelly shoes! While we were doing that we also we learning all about statistics. We learned about tally charts, bar graphs and how to do good statements. Looking back term 1 has been awesome and we hope term 2 will be even better!

The sleepover!

My sisters and I were saying good bye to our parents but that was a total waste of time. We had to stay home for like ten hours acutely it was about two hours but it felt like ten, both my parents were going to work and that meant I had just wasted two hours of my precious precious life so then two hours later my mum came back from work ,my dad couldn’t take us because he comes back from work at elven at night. So any way I was angry but I was still excited that I was going, plus I had to practice for camp.This was my first sleep over with out my mum and dad but I was to happy to think about.

I was kind of angry but my anger went away when Kelly’s mum bought us pizza, then my anger came back when we had to go to bed the light was glowing in my eyes because we were sleeping on the ground, buy I got used to it.

Then finally Kelly and I was half a sleep half awake.than suddenly we herd a strange sound so like I said before we were half asleep half a wake so we thought it was nothing so we just went back to sleep so like a minute later we went back to sleep then the sound be came louder and then me and Kelly woke up with a bang! Like we just had a nightmare, we were so frightened you could here our harts beating.

I tried to see what it was but it was a little foggy because it was two in the morning but all I saw was a shadow hitting something was it a psycho killer I thought to myself,so as fast as I could I asked Kelly to come and help me but but she just went to sleep when I tried to wake her up, so of course she didn’t come.“you have to come this is an emergency” I lied well it kinda was a emergency someone could be breaking into there house. So after thirty minuets of arguing Kelly finally chose to get up but by the time she got there the shadow was gone. So since Kelly didn’t see the shadow she didn’t be live anything that I said for the rest of the night . Then when it was about nine in the morning Kelly's mum came in to clare the window,

Kelly asked her mum if she had seen anyone by the window just to prove me wrong, and her mum said “Oh sorry girls I was scaring the birds off the grapes but they kept coming so I went to go get the scarecrow, and that scared them off , oh “Thanks mum”.

by Timmy

My holiday to Australia

During the holidays I went to Australia on the airline called emirates with my mum my dad my baby brother and my brother for a holiday. I couldn’t wait to go on the plane because this was my first time going on emirates.

When we were half way up in the sky my baby brothers ears started to pop. He was the loudest baby on the plane. He stopped crying when we were not going any higher.

We watched g-force and astro boy because we had nothing else to do.For dinner the air hostess bought my brother and I Chicken,Peas,Corn and a Bun I had to swap seats with my dad because he had to cut my brothers food for him. After I finished dinner I relaxed in my comfortable chair and watched t.v. Suddenly I felt the urge to go to the toilet luckily I was close to the isle so went to the toilet but there was line so I had to wait.

I was scared going to the toilet because when you flush the toilet instead of it flushing normally it has loud and scary sucking noise like there was a hole in the plane.

A couple of minutes after I went to the toilet I saw Brisbane out of my brothers window.It took about ten minutes before we landed. When the plane touched the runway my brother got a fright because the plane shook a bit. I was thinking at last we are here I had to go to the toilet again but I had to go to airport toilet.

By: Hamish

Devonport Holiday

The car was boiling hot like the Sahara Desert and very muggy. I was waiting for my parents to come into the car, so we could start the journey to Devonport. At the end of the year my family and my friends other families go to a beach all the time. Usually on the 30th January or the 31st. By the time we got there, we had to wait for 10 long minutes until the families came. Faith, my friend came out of her car and I rushed to her saying “Oh my gosh! Hi! When are you going to change into your swimsuit?” I felt pretty excited that we were going to swim soon! Little did I know, we had to eat first! Hmm I was feeling kind of hungry. My other friends Lourdes and Nicholas came wearing their swimsuits underneath their tops. When they came I rapidly changed into my swimsuit and we all started eating.

As I ate some chicken, my tummy was filling with excitement! I ate about four small chicken legs, somehow this made me feel sick maybe it was the excitement but I didn’t throw up. After I ate I had to look after my little sister Lexie. She is 16 months old, but she looks 2 years old! Lexie and I also played with Faith, Faith is 9 years old and she was also going to swim with me at the beach. We still had to wait for the other people to finish eating before we could swim. I felt depressed that we couldn’t go straight away.

When everyone finished eating we were free to go to the beach. I ran with my spongebob boogie board. The sand felt weird beneath my feet, it felt slushy, it had brown wavy lines that looked like slugs slithering across the ground. I panicked “Faith Is this sinking sand?” I shouted. “No it’s just normal sand!”Replied Faith. Phew! At least I don’t have to be anxious so much anymore.

The sprinkles of rain turned into heavy rain, while I was a spinning in circles. The beach was low tide, there was no water at shore so we marched on and on, to see if the water would get deeper. It was like marching up the Ninety mile beach! We came to an end when the water was up to our ankles. I could barely see the sand. We didn’t notice that there was a dangerous rip ahead. “Sigh” it’s getting quite boring, I was just about to go ahead, but all of a sudden I stepped on the tip of a rock!”OWW!” I screamed. Faith turned around looking anxious and said “What’s wrong?” “I stepped on a rock, it’s ok.” I replied

While Faith and I were chatting, I realized that we were very far from shore. I felt chilly and wanted to go and roll around in the water. Then I thought that would be ridiculous. So instead I went to hunt for any sea creatures like starfishes and sea snails. But all I found was a bungle of seaweed. Yuck! I would never ever touch seaweed!

I could see people windsurfing. They did really fearful stunts like colossal flips high in the air and magnificent twirls. I wish I could windsurf. When i’m older I want to join a windsurfing competition! I also saw lots of seagulls. I got nervous because I thought that they would peck me! But it didn’t matter. Far out in the ocean there were little boats and big boats. I also saw a sail with the number 49 on it. Surprisingly there were a lot of events going on here. But it was dead quiet. It was like no one was there except the lonely beach.

After 20 minutes of playing on the beach the weather got disastrous. It was freezing like the South Pole. It was like I was in a sauna because it’s foggy, but not hot. We sat quietly watching the waves come and go and when I turned my head “SPLAT!” Unexpectedly slushy sand went on my rash shirt! This meant war! Faith and I started throwing a lot of sand around! I was in chaos! There was even sand down my rash shirt, the sand felt like rough paper against my chest rubbing every time I moved, but I knew this day would turn out great! B y L y n e t t e

A hot summers day at Whangamata !

We were driving to Whangamata on a hot summers day where my step grandparents own a batch. So we were driving along for a boring three hours but the roads were really windy so I got car sick and softly drifted to sleep. When we arrived at our batch my sister Emma told me “ While your were asleep we passed a gypsy fair and dad said we could go”.I was so excited!

The only problem was we had to wait for my aunt and cousins untill we could go.I got really bored because they didn’t come for another half an hour. When they finally arrived us and our legs walked in agony to the field were the fair was.

When we got to the park all I saw was bushes then we turned the corner and saw the most amazing ride ever! It was a swing ride. A swing ride is just like baby swings that go really high in a circle. As soon as I saw it I shouted to my cousin Liam “I’m so going on that ride”! Before we had headed off my Mum had given me $2. I just hoped it was enough.

The ride turned out to be $4 so I had to beg my uncle to let me borrow $2. So when he finally gave in my cousin Liam and I sprinted to the ticket booth and bought our tickets.When we got to the gate of the ride the man was just opening it. Only 2 people where allowed on at a time. that was Liam and I.

Since only two people were allowed on at a time you had to go opposite each other. When I got onto the swing and the man strapped me in I started to get excited and nervous at the same time. This was going to be awesome!

I was right this ride was awesome. “Liam” I shouted “Liam can you hear me”? He didn’t answer back so I thought he was dead.I looked at my aunty while swinging backwards. I realised he wasn’t dead because she was laughing. Laughing at me!

The ride was so terrifying that it made you feel like you were going to fling onto the road.When it ended Craig (my uncle) bought us all food. Guess what I got? A vegetable samosa!


Monday, March 22, 2010

My Fishy Holiday!

The sun was coming through the window of the car like hot burning knives. It was extremly hot in the back of our car. We were heading to Ponsonby for fishing. I sure hoped we didn’t catch a fish because I don’t like any sort of fish and because I knew that Mum would make Dad and me eat it for dinner. On the way to Ponsonby, we had to stop at Mt Albert to buy some bait. We went to a fishing shop and bought some frozen stiff squid bait. Yuck! It smelt horrible! Well kind of horrible. Half an hour or an hour later, we were in Ponsonby! But we still weren’t quite at our fishing destination. A couple minutes later, we had to stop again because we needed to buy some scissors to cut the fishing line and the bait.

Finally we arrived at our fishing spot. But the fishing spot was a bit crowded and plus there were almost no more parking spaces (almost everybody chose to go fishing that day!)! So we kinda had to wander around a bit to find a parking space and a fishing spot. Finally we found a parking and fishing spot. We went out to the back of our car to get the equipment but....... the fishing lines were tangled! I felt dismayed because it would take ages to untangle the fishing lines. So we began to untangle them. Boring! I wanted to start fishing straight away! There’s no time to untangle fishing lines....

Between 15 minutes and half an hour later, we finished 1 fishing line (yes we had to untangle the fishings lines or we couldn’t go fishing). Then we began putting the hooks and things on that line. That took us about another 10-15 minutes to finish 1 fishing line. Then I began to untangle the other fishing line because I was bored and because Mum told me so. But the second fishing line was a bit difficult because the line was caught in between the mechanism. But I did it in the end. Then Mum put in the hook and things. Then we were ready to catch some fish! (yuck!) Hip Hip HOORAY! (well kind of.)

After untangling the fishing lines, we were ready to start fishing. But when Mum threw out her fishing line, she threw into the seaweed patch. Which was very close to the rocks. Mum hadn’t done very well (she’s normally very good at fishing and casts the fishing line long away). Then she tried again, but that time it got snagged on the rocks or in the sea so we had to cut the fishing line. How sad! Then my Grandad tried and the same thing happened again! How frustrating. Half an hour later we finally got a really far cast. It was casted by Mum. Then we for some bites but none came. It was just a intsy bitsy nibble when we reeled it in. Then we went home after we packed our belongings.

While we were driving home, I thought to myself, “ I’m quite happy I didn’t catch a fish otherwise we would be consuming fish tonight!”

By Andrea. Watt - A.W

Sunday, March 21, 2010

In Room 16 we have been learning how to sketch using planar sketching techniques, we spent some time practicing the techniques before we used them in sketches of our shoes. Have a look at our work in our movie.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome to our blog

Room 16 2010 are really excited to have begun their new blog. We will be updating it ourselves so make sure you check out our work.